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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 11, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> greg: comfortable against a lot of skin. >> kimberly: now you've done it. >> eric: 1 million job, he didn't -- >> bob: you just -- >> eric: that is it for "the five." see you welcome back, america. this is "red eye" and i'm greg gutfeld or known in tampa, captain tech force thunder buns. a hell of a dance. let's go to andy looy vee for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> welcome back, america. coming up on the big show "red eye" correspondent mike michelangelo with the latest convention coverage. and biden with a biker. obama in a bear hug. the political pictures you won't believe even though you have probably seen them a thousand times by now. and finally are members of the taliban posing with westerners? my new friend freak britney 69 assures me no. >> thanks, andy. >> how was your vacation,
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greg? >> i didn't have one. i worked every single day. >> really? >> i do this other show in the afternoon. >> not familiar. >> it is a thing that happens before special report. >> really? i like special report. that's a good show. >> it is between that and neil cavuto. >> great show. that's killer back to back. i didn't realize that. >> it is not. there is a show in between. >> brett bier is fantastic though. >> go to hell. >> i like the panel too. >> shut up. let's welcome our guest. for breakfast she eats liberals and lunch she eats progressives and dinner an old work book that has the foot inside. that should have been work boot. it has been two weeks. >> will you get on with my introduction. >> testy lady. she is a political commentator, ann coulter. her best-selling book "demonic" telling about her mid70s exer civil is now available in paperback. fire ants are now called
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jedediah ants. it is jedediah bila. her name is in there twice. boy, we are off to a rough start. in china it is considered a spring rule, my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a beer pong i would do him with the frat boys every wednesday. he is performing in irvine, california, a great city. >> lots of room to spread out, especially in the comedy club. >> home of steven spielberg? >> yes. >> yes, he went to uc irvine. a fact that really has no meaning. so this is our first show back after a two-week break. "red eye" was bumped for the news of the convention. but we want to give our take on what happened both in tampa and charlotte. so we will go live now to political correspondent michael michael son who was at both events for a recap. of course, witherage there was a slight tape delay, so bear with us. i will go to michael now. michael, it is greg.
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what did you learn in tampa and charlotte? >> hi, greg. i am here in tampa, and i'm really excited to be reporting on the convention for you guys. it is the opening night of the republican national convention , and i am just very excited to be here. >> mike, a, those credentials are not real. and you know the conventions are over. >> sorry, greg, it is really hard to hear you. there is a lot going on. there is a lot of speakers right now. ann romney will be speaking later on tonight. >> mike, the convention, it ended 10 days ago. i don't hear any noise. what have you been doing for 10 days? >> greg, it is just really exciting to be here. there is a lot of enthusiasm from a lot of great people here. it is a hell of a night to be here in tampa. >> mike, it looks like you are inside your office, our office. >> greg, as you can see, i have everything i need to be bringing you guys the news you
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want to hear about the convention in tampa. >> whatever. any final thoughts? >> that's it from tampa. back to you, greg. >> a, block. the lead, that's the first story. >> see -- she uses biden's laugh as a place to lapse. i speak of the awesomely awesome photo of captain hair plugs, and the motorcycle club. on monday or sunday actually joe biden was visiting a diner in ohio campaigning when he ran into a group of bikers and offered the lady a chair. she was pulling her nearly into his lap. yes, his lap. joe wasn't the only one getting close with the voters last weekend. in florida obama got a bear hug. the president stopped at a pizza shot at fort pierce and chatted up the 6 foot 3, 260-pound owner. >> if i eat your pizza, will i look like that?
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>> that's so unbecoming to the office. i had to imagine them naked just to calm myself down. i have to go to you, anne, first. let's talk about the bear hug. did the pizza shop owner violate the president's personal space? >> no, michelle does that to owe owe -- to obama all the time. >> i don't get it. >> he is very comfortable being lifted. >> if you said nancy pelosi i would have gotten it since she ram roded that health plan through congress in the middle of the night. >> do we have the part where he carries him and throws him in the deep fryer? >> they edited that out. jim, you take a lot of photos with celebrities, some say too many. you often are seen putting your arms around people and hugging them. >> yes, and sometimes i mimic an athletic supporter.
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>> did this guy go too far? does it seem rigged to you in anyway? >> well, it is nice to see the secret service -- it is nice to see you are allowed to pick the commander-in-chief up and carry him wherever you see fit. i don't think it was rigged, but they got the vibe it was okay. sometimes it is nice to be picked up by a muscular gentleman. nothing wrong with that. sometimes i will pay a man to pick me up and say good job, jim. >> as a straight male, and i can't emphasize that enough, you don't have the opportunities of being picked up by a large man. it felt protective. >> absolutely. sometimes i like to lay on the couch and do this to my face. >> sometimes i will let him sit on my chest. sometimes with pants on. jedediah, should the president stature -- i think he was uncomfortable. >> a little bit. i think he was a little uncomfortable, but i don't think it was rigged. it was a spontaneous moment that happened. and to be honest it didn't bother me. i feel like these moments
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humanize these politicians and make them more people and less politician like. >> are you saying obama is a robot? >> yes, i am. >> i wanted you to say that. bill, you hug a lot of bears, hairy men in their 40s. >> no question. >> he has lost the election based on this one incident. >> you have all lost me. first of all, how dare you use the term captain hair plug. that woman was wearing a bandanna. we don't know what she was wearing. and second of all, robots are made in japan. he was made in kenya. third of all, i don't have a third, but i will say this, the president was visiting this guy because he is very instrumental in organizing blood donations for the community. not his blood because when ever is in his blood would kill a small forest. i will say it does go against the hgh stereo type that they are all mean people unless he ends up snapping them like a twig because that guy was delightful.
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he is our joe plumber with hair, but i will take him. >> it looked like she was sitting on his lap. she was on a chair in front of him. if i was joe biden i would have been like, what are you doing there? >> it looked like she was giving him a ride on her motorcycle. that was wonderful. >> that's actually true. it was like where you used to play trains when you were a kid and put the chairs in a row. stopped doing that awhile ago. >> it reminds me of myself and an uncle when he would lean in and say would you like a new puppy? >> he never did give you the puppy, did he? >> it was that elusive dog that never showed up. >> he kept saying the dog was coming and he needed more happy kisses. >> you know who the big loser of this is is the editors of the onion. their depiction of biden was the shirtless guy in the neighborhood washing his camero. but he is not really like that. well, he has become that and the onion has to do something
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else. >> he kissed a supporter on the lips. is biden just on the loose? he is like girls gone wild, but it is joe biden's gone wild. did you see what i did there? a lot of people don't do that. they don't see that you can take the thing gone wild and put it on something else. >> i know. and you can call lots of things the perfect storm. >> that's true, that's true. >> now we are entering a slippery slope. >> i think biden was inspired as we all were by abortion night at the democratic national convention. they were calling for us to pay for contraception, and then to top it off, they had an actual felonious forcible rapist speak. >> hey, hey, hey. my daughter's name is felonious. be careful how you use that word. call me, felonious. i don't know where you are. as teachers strike, kids bike. chicago teachers, are there any other kind, walked off the job on monday after negotiate
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-- negotiations broke down giving 350,000 children a day off for quiet reflection, presumably, in a city where the average teacher's salary is over $4 million a year. both sides agree the walkout is not primarily about money. the union initially asked for a 19% raise, and the school board president said the city offered only 16%. the chicago mayor and my racket ball partner romy man -- ram emmanuel said they are about teacher evaluations and the ability to fire teachers. they say the proposed evaluation system is unfair to teachers because it is heavily based on standardized test scores and doesn't take into account things like -- that would affect the student's performance like poverty, violence and sexy teachers hitting on them. you know who is taking this in stride? this dog.
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>> you know, jim, it all comes down to evaluations which teachers find unfair. you are a comedian, and you go and your evaluations are laughter. >> they really are. >> and that is your standardized test. if you were judged and paid by laughter, why can't they be judged and paid by the grade that their students get or how they behave? >> that's a marvelous way of phrasing it. i wish i wasn't judged on laughter. do you know how nice it would be if i could protest that and say how about -- i may have bombed tonight, but how about easy get checked for cleverness or funny faces. i would love to -- >> i think 50% of all alternative comedians do that. >> i will take a sialis and go on in spandex. >> you do that. >> who doesn't? >> i know, i know. that's true. i like this story because you got a former obama chief of
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staff, emmanuel, going up against unions which is almost an education for him to see that here is what we brought and now have i to deal with it. >> do you think obama will come in and save the day in some capacity? he may make this an issue he has to solve. it is a problem he has to solve. i herd rush limbaugh talking about this today, and i haven't thought of it in that way, but it would be great for obama to step in and be the big man on campus and say let's all get along. you give this and you give that and we will solve the educational problem together. >> not going to happen. >> it would work for him if he did that. >> he would have to be like scott walker. the teachers unions aren't -- they actually do have a way of testing how the teachers are doing. according to the department of education 79% of eighth graders in chicago are not proficient in reading. 80% aren't proficient in math, and these teachers make $76,000 a year. that's not including health care, not including pensions.
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that's twice what the average chicago an makes, and they are striking over a 17% raise. >> it is interesting. 80% of the kids are not proficient in math or english. that makes them -- they can qualify them as a teacher. that's the upside. when the teachers are on strike the students can step in and teachers and themselves. >> and they too will hold out for the free contraception for when they have sex with their students. >> it is actually the circle of life or death, i don't know. bill, you are from chicago. could you please move back there. >> can you read and write? >> this is like 15 years too late and a dollar short or 76 ,000 that are making more than me. i would pray for one or two days off or maybe for a chicago blizzard so i can go away from the horror that was school. these kids could get weeks off. i hate them. but i will also say to go to the gym, example in why these
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evaluations don't work, jim will be the first to tell that you audiences just suck. he can be as brave as he wants, but the audiences suck. in my case i have an aunt who taught french in the chicagoland area for 30 years. she was great, but she will be first to tell you, sometimes kids just suck. you can tell them all you want and you can teachers and them all you want, but if the parents are not home, or if they are home and not putting a gun to their head, it is fully loaded to do their homework, there is only so much you can do. so the evaluations don't take that into account. >> i agree with you partly they don't take all of it into account, but because they are standardized, every teacher has to deal with that sort of problem everywhere. it is the same thing with like -- i would say "red eye's ratings suck because we were not on for two weeks because of the elections. but you know what? i have to live by the ratings. that's what i have to do. that's my standard even though we could argue that, oh, we weren't on at 3:00 a.m., and
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it could affect our ratings. >> is this a low rated show tonight? what am i doing here? >> one of the highest rated shows ever. >> the beauty of the story is you took children's education down the toilet and segued it into an excuse for a poor rating. >> exactly. you saw that coming. what i'm worried about is chicago has this crazy murder rate, and they have kids out there. >> they had to have extra police on the street. you had to have parents looking for child care, spending more money because they had to leave work early to see where their kids would be and monitoring it. it is an economic issues a well. >> have you been to the children's museum? it is a delight. it is essentially one gigantic ball pit. i don't know what they are teaching, but i go there, dive in and have a blast every time. >> sandbox? >> there is a dirt box they throw me to go to the ball people. >> you don't go to the ball pit. you go to the 8 ball pit. >> no wonder those kids are crazy. you can't teachers and them
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anything. their attention span is hell. >> as was yours. >> you were going to say something? >> it was nothing important. it reminded me of my childhood when i would stay home from school and have soup and watch "the price is right." >> that was the greatest thing. >> it was, bob barker and four fat people from where they were from. >> snow days. >> it was just being sick or faking sick on the west coast. that's what you did. just wouldn't go to the bathroom for uh while and you can have a stomach ache and stay home. >> why not just fake the stomach ache? why do you have to give yourself one? >> you have to play the role. if you didn't eat you would get a stomach ache and stay home and you can watch "match game,"" -- sandy flag, richard dawson. >> and bob barker teaches kids to spay and newter their pets. i didn't even know what that meant until i pre end ited to be sick, and i -- pretended to be sick. >> i learned the word gay from match game.
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it was fill in the blanks. it was uncle tom just came home from teaching school and he was with another man and he was blank. and it was like, that's how you learn what gay was. >> are you sure that was not just your dad with a couple drinks? >> he always had a close friend named marcus. he claimed they were exercising in the garage and not to disturb them. it did sound like they were lifting weights. they were doing a lot of grunting. >> it is a mass masculine sound. >> but it is weird because my das wasn't in -- because my dad wasn't in great shape. what am i talking about? i am kidding. coming up, it has been two weeks. i don't know what i am doing. >> are we on? >> i don't know. this is totally a dress rehearsal. >> phew. >> we will get the real ann coulter in. what is your name? >> mildred. >> mildred, ey?
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coming up, how do you get such powerful try -- triceps and quads? he could be really intrusive. but first, blah, blah, blah, hot chicks, blah, blah, blah and so on. there you go.
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should men be fined for praising a behind? whistling at women and making sexist comments could be against the law in britain. prime minister david cameron wants to sign a pledge to criminalize verbal, nonverbal or physical sexual you harassment. as part of the council of europe's violence convention against women. cameron explained, quote, the agreement will lift the
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standards of protection for women across europe and bring many more perpetrators to justice. adds an anti-street harassment advocate, the way we see it is if you want to tackle it, you tackle all of it. you say no to all forms of sexual harassment. a downing street spokesman says it is too early to discuss penalties whether they be fines or jail time. let's look at how one british sheep deals with all of the unwanted cat calls she received. >> adorable, i tell you. all right, anne, of course everybody is against the physical harassment stuff. it is common sense, but they are lumping in stuff that, yes, is rude and crude, but, i mean, if somebody whistles at you, what do you do to them? do you fine them? arrest them? >> i think you are being rash in your condemnation. we can finally get bill clinton for this you -- for
12:23 am
this law. >> but he doesn't do it. he has people do it for him. >> in that case i am with you. >> when it comes to street harassment, all women are asking for it. that made me sick to my stomach. >> well, the day comes when i can't yell hey good lookin, what you got cookin. i can't whistle. it was always like -- >> you spit on them. >> yes, i do a pursed lip thing. >> it looks like -- >> typical british nonsense. they are terrible with speech. >> i mean, it is -- >> i don't know why i had a nice laugh. >> it actually brings up the point of the soccer players that had to go to court because one made a racial comment that couldn't be heard, but a lip reader could read it. >> you are kidding. >> that was over a bunch of soccer players.
12:24 am
we didn't do the story here, but it was so complicated we decided to do something on cats. jedediah, this pledge is signed by 18 countries. should america be next? >> no. not everything is harassment. people need to realize there is legitimate harassment, but if you start using the term harassment to apply to everything, then everything is harassment. it is like racism. you save these words for legitimate cases. men whistling, construction workers whistling, that's not harassment. >> bill, you have been constantly harassing on the street jude law who lives downtown now. are you worried it may affect what you call a relationship with him? >> they are creating the jawed law law because of me. i take great pride in that. i agree with what this hot little number said. what i don't understand is why they are doing this in england. in england, no matter what they say, it is going to sound charming. hello, hello, hello, what we got here? look at this little number.
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that's cute. i'm not making this up. this is what they do in new york. girls will come by, and i have seen this in midtown. to this day somebody says -- what is that? >> a buddy of mine who i won't mention, a, noer, they also do -- a new yorker do the meow thing. what the hell is that? how does that work? do you actually expect a woman to respond when you say meow? it is creepy. i guess they think she is going think there is a cat here, and she is going to say oh there is a cute little cat. i must look for the cat. there is a cat trapped in the grating. there is a cat trapped in the grating. >> you have what sounds like a deleted scene in "mary poppins" and then you sound like a little snake. >> that might be from another country too. who knows? they have different ways of doing things. >> i have resigned myself now
12:26 am
and if there is an attractive woman i say, just say no. >> that saves you a lot of time. >> the first time -- i am not a big winker, but the first time i winked at somebody i was in church and i was about 7, and there was a cute little blonde girl with a bob haircut. i kept winking at her while we were all shaking hands like peace be to you, and i alreadied it was a boy. that's a true story. >> and boy how things have not changed. >> the only difference is that money had not exchanged hands. >> i couldn't stop winking. that was awful. >> that was a fore shadowing of things to come. and things you learn to accept about yourself. >> that was creepy. >> swree broken a lot of new -- we have broken a lot of new ground tonight. do you have a question about the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your
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animal doing something cute and slash or interesting? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it on "red eye." still to come, speaking of animals, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by tractors. the motor vehicles used for pulling heavy loads especially on farms where the large rear wheels allow them to run on fields. thanks, tractors.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. hi, andy. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm all right. kind of rocky in the front half of the show. i miss pronounced a lot of names. i [bleep] the introductions, screwed up the introductions. >> did you write that one down? >> yes, writing that one down. >> i think i need time off, greg. >> no. you see, i was in tampa while you were floating around l.a. with your hollywood friends. i was in tampa. >> we should talk after the show. i think i may have to take a week or something. i don't know. i'm beat, man. >> look at me. look how exhausted i look. i look terrible. >> you should have taken a couple weeks off, man. we did. >> i did "the five" every day. i even did labor day. >> it is your own fault, man.
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it is your choice. biden with the biker chick, obama gets a bear hug. i feel like i am obligated to say this, anne, the big pizza owner did not throw the president into a deep fryer. >> are you sure? >> yes, my sources tell me. jim, you said the secret service got a vibe the hug was okay. the pizza owner did visit the white house in june as part of the charity he runs. so he probably wasn't unknown to them. >> he was basically saying there was a prior relationship. >> yes. i believe you were correct. >> so it was comfortable for everybody. >> i believe so, yes. >> it may not have been the first time. >> i thought it was a fun moment. >> absolutely. it was a lighthearted romp. >> that's how you treat the most powerful man on the planet. >> it is a sign of respect in some cultures. >> i'm sure the russians and the chinese look a lot of our president when he is lifted up
12:33 am
like some kind of weird smaller thing. >> my guess is the next time obama visits putin, putin will do that to him. >> yes, but he works out. >> what a weird -- with his dumb stunts and shirtless ice fishing? oh he is a real man. >> he has two siberian tigers that are at his beck and call. in fact, their names are beck and call. >> that's great. >> what a way to live. >> putin probably does believe they are masculine. >> and it didn't work out too well for who was sigfried or roy. >> you say he was our joe the plumber with hair. what did you mean by our? >> i am more interested in the fact that his name is van doozer. this guy is an action movie waiting to happen. he has to stop attacking the president and attack those
12:34 am
chinese and russians you were talking about earlier. >> electric homage? what is van deucer 3 pronouncing things. >> that could be one. >> it could. >> my only point is van dueser is republican. by our if you meant democrat. >> he voted for obama before and he plans to vote for him again. >> but he is republican. >> he says he is -- >> i don't believe it. >> i voted this, and it is like, whatever. i will take him at his word. he makes good pizza. and maybe he may lift me up. >> i am trying to figure out why big apple pizza is in florida. >> it is a chain. >> a lot of people move to florida. >> i get that. and it is a chain. but it is still wrong. don't do that. big apple pizza got some negative yelp reviews
12:35 am
including this one that i thought was good. it said, quote, well i would eat there, but after seeing the leftist president i felt compelled to disrespect his establishment as much as he disrespects our constitution. thank you for thumbing your nose at all of the small business owners this president has disrespected for the last four years. i guess you didn't build it. >> you know what it is, andy? >> what is that? >> this guy basically sacrificed the small businessman so his small business could grow through the notoriaty of being around obama. he sold out his brothers. >> there is nothing small about that businessman. perhaps you didn't see van doozer4. >> what was that one? >> business homage. >> it did well in yelp. it got a lot of reviews. >> and malaysia. >> that's where it took place. >> jedediah, about the biden thing, the thing about biden
12:36 am
in addition to the fact that he is democrat, that's why he gets a pass all the time. in his mind it is like biker chick needs seat, get close to biker chick. in a nanosecond that's what goes through his brain. >> it doesn't mean he is a more ron, there is no thought process there. >> i thought it was funny no one in the media thought to look at that and say it looks a little inappropriate or looks a little odd. they just passed over it. when i saw it i thought his wife is going to deck him when he gets home. >> that's a good point. >> i was going to say i think the media -- that's biden. part of it is obviously he is is a democrat. if you were republican you wouldn't get away with this stuff. that fact aside, he is in an era when every politician is like carefully manicured and whatever he does sort of stand apart. >> that's my point. i don't know if i would call it inappropriate.
12:37 am
everybody complains about everything being too appropriate. once in awhile a little inappropriateness. >> what is charming about biden -- >> except if ryan had done it. >> right. >> ryan's mo is this kind of -- he does these ridiculous things. things come out of his mouth that never should. that's his deal. >> it is like the reverse of clinton. >> oh boy. >> i don't even know what -- that made no sense. it is two weeks, andy. >> we'll go with it made no sense. chicago teachers' union goes on strike. greg, the average teacher salary is not $4 million a year. >> maybe in 350ad. >> that's not the issue at hand, sir. >> how do you know. i just landed from there with new facts. >> it is about 74 to 76 grand a year. >> and 3,050ad dollars is 4
12:38 am
million. >> you created a paradox. we have knowledge of the future now. we were duped. >> you think president obama may step in and solve this problem? were you saying he should be impeached? >> of course. do you even have to ask? >> let's just clarify. there may be first time viewers who don't know where you stand on this. >> impeach him. even forgetting picked up in a pizzeria. >> anne, you said the teachers were striking over the 17% raise. actually they are not. they were offered -- they asked for 19 and were offered 16. apparently money is not the issue here. it is the evaluations that greg was talking about. and also the big thing for them is they want teachers who were laid off to be automatically rehired if a job spot opens and a man in the city will say no they just want them to have to reapply for the job and not necessarily get it. those are the two big issues. >> i just want them to have to teachers and current events so they can read up on scott
12:39 am
walker. >> what do you root for here? it is emmanuel versus the union. >> i thought the great paul ryan had -- it would be another good movie. they are working on the title. i thought paul ryan had a beautiful response even though emmanuel is not for us. we are this. >> greg, i am not sure why you think we got bad ratings the two weeks we weren't on. >> i said if we had. we could have had bad ratings because of the olympics. we could have had bad ratings because of -- what i am saying is we have no choice but to accept the ratings we get. >> okay. >> which is about what i was -- it was in comparison to the teachers and the evaluations that yes, the kids may come from troubled homes, but every teacher has to deal with that. >> right. i mean i think the teachers -- it worries me when everything is based on standardized tests. >> it should worry you. >> it doesn't worry me.
12:40 am
>> i crush standardized tests. >> you don't want to get in on that. >> i was in ap english. >> i couldn't even spell standardized. >> there was an episode of good times that addressed standardized tests and how they were biased and florida evans shut the teacher up saying you don't understand certain things about our community. what does tcb stand for. he says that's cool baby and she says, no, takin care of business. that's a new feature on this show. >> i saw that one. was that the one where rerun is caught by the doobie brothers? >> no, that's what's happening? >> remember in the end gary coleman is like, what are you doing, willis? he was smoking crack. >> i guess they all look alike to you, bill. >> that's another catch phrase, they all look alike, willis. >> and then allen gibbs would
12:41 am
sing something. >> have i to go, bill. you too, greg. >> see you later. coming up, john travolta loves men -- shioning upcoming projects, but not on this show. what is up with jay z? i guess i will ask when i get home.
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my gosh. is it a babe or a beard? well taliban insurgents are posing as pretty girls on facebook, whatever that is, to trick australian troops to give away military secrets. according to a review of social media usage, quote, the taliban have used pictures of attractive women as the front of their facebook profile and have befriended soldiers. soldier does not recognize that people using fake profiles can capture the movement. this is why i take a different route to the nail salon every time. you never know. discuss in this shall we?
12:45 am
>> lightning rooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> jim, have you fallen for this at all, and are you still dating this man? >> yes, i have fallen for it many times. i find the gal i am sexting with is a man in sandals holding a grenade launcher. how about you smarten up, australian soldiers? if you say what are you wearing? and then she says i will tell you if you give me your gps coordinates? >> this happened to me many times, but not with terrorists. does this mean we have won when they have to pose as internet trolls? >> i think if you cannot respond to the potential sex partners on the internet, then the terrorists have won. >> interesting. jedediah, should we just do the same thing and have our
12:46 am
soldiers pose as hot, sexy suicide bombers so we can learn where the terrorists are hiding out? >> that's a really bad idea. >> i just want to let you know when they call that brainstorming. >> this is what happens when you start thinking. can't do that ever. >> wow. >> bill, you dated a taliban insurgent on-line for a year. long distance didn't work out. >> it didn't work out. he didn't fool me once. i was like, oh, taliban, let's do this. did australia just get on the internet. there is no group of men that knows less about women than the taliban. and yet they are still fooling them? i am wearing something that is most objectable in the eyes of allah. would you like to -- they do not know. the last i checked it meant no women. they have sex with half of the women in new york. they know -- none of this makes any sense whatsoever. >> going back to the story, when i was first on facebook i was getting spammed a lot by
12:47 am
this girl in a bikini. i was going, you know, i was seeing she was a fan of "red eye" and i said you must like" red eye" and she says, i do. we can do that. >> and then five months later he realized. >> yes, it had nothing to do with the show. >> it is great to see how far you can go. like if you say are you a bot they will say, no, i am a real person. i say i am having sex with a chicken. cool, here is my profile. >> it had to be like five years ago. i had no idea. she was in nerming new jersey and i kept think -- she was in new jersey and i kept thinking oh she probably watches "red eye." it meant something that we probably will never know. nor will she. she is probably somewhere else. maybe she is on a farm. >> doing "red eye." we will take a break. we have more crud when we
12:48 am
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12:51 am
welcome back. in an interview jay z said he
12:52 am
never threw his support behind occupy wall street because he never knew what it stood for. talking to rustle simmons -- russell simmons he said i am not going to a park and picnic. i don't know what to do. i don't know what the fight is about. what you do want? what do we know? jedediah, i agree with him come ploatly and glad he said something -- but dhee go there and he wore a shirt. the anniversary is next week for occupy wall street. >> he went, but he didn't throw his support behind it because he has no idea what it stands for. that's what most americans have to say. there is a cohesive message which is to take down capitalism. they couldn't get their stuff out there though and put it together. >> you and j talk all the time, texting basically. >> yes. >> is this movement for all intensive purposes over? they didn't make a blip in the convention. >> i didn't realize we are coming up on the one-year anniversary. wow, what a difference it has made. >> it has.
12:53 am
>> in my life, and in all of our lives we will remember this was the year of occupy wall street. >> well, you know it was the year of the protestor according to time or news week. >> and just by contrast, look after the year after the tea party started, they changed congress, they changed politics. the word had genuinely changed. what has occupy done other than get girls raped, people over dosed and killed and billions of dollars in property damage? >> true. it is true. it is true. jimmy, if i may call you that. >> sure. jimmi like hendrix. >> you know what i like it -- i know jay-z is a big obama fan. he is no republican, but he realized that capitalistic beliefs are the best beliefs, and that in this occupy wall street thing was basically demonizing what you do for a living. >> i think the important question is why a year later does anybody care what jay-z
12:54 am
thinks of occupy wall street? who cares? it was irrelevant to me 10 minutes after occupy wall street what rappers think. not that i am trying to disc anybody, but i could careless. if he said it is great, it stinks, i don't care. i never care what he thought. i don't care what run-d.m.c. thinks. i don't care what big dab cane thinks oren minute them thinks -- or eminem thinks. >> i brought it back with eminem. >> what about slick rick? >> i have a picture with slick rick at the comedy show. >> why am i not surprised? >> he came on stage with me and put his arm around me and put on his eye patch and took a picture. >> have read about big daddy cane in the financial times? you might want to think twice. >> i am a 44-year-old man. referencing older rappers. i don't care what little richard thinks.
12:55 am
>> all right. shall we close things out? perhaps with something called the post game wrap up staring some guy named tv's andy levy. and maybe you should see clips of recent shows. how do you do that? go to fox eye. you ask too many questions, viewer.
12:56 am
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12:58 am
i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five." we have ambassador bolten and brooke goldstein and jesse joyce. back to tv's andy levy. >> tell us about the upcoming gigs of yours. >> well, andy, it will be fun filled, and bring the whole family. there is a lot of seats. you can bring the whole family
12:59 am
and have two empty seats in between. it is thanks to the kids. we are working on a new hour. it is none of what you saw on the epic special. it should be choppy and unprepared. >> i have seen your performances. they are family friendly. >> i will be like a hooker reference and say look at him. >> the man son family. >> jedediah, a new column out this week? >> yes, late they are week. i don't know what it is about. go to jedediah >> do something on obama. >> maybe about impeaching obama. i don't know. >> or something about sarah palin maybe. >> something i have never written about before. new turf. >> what are you up to the next couple weeks? >> i am speaking birmingham, alabama, raleigh north carolina on sunday. i have a week off and then my new book comes out. >> and you will be back in a couple weeks and we will be talking about ur


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